It all started In the spirit of service.....

It’s time. He knew it from the subtle way his partner shifted his breathing. The excitement builds as he watches his partner don the shiny black boots and adjusts the gold on his chest. The containment is almost too much to bear and soft whimpers escape as he eyes the door; ready to burst through it to jump in his beloved truck and start the workday. Adventure and danger and community adoration lie ahead and he expresses his absolute joy with playfully impatient yips as the truck starts and they head out; confident in their abilities to back each other up in any situation they may find themselves in that night. Such is the life of a K9 and their adored officers.

In September 2001 I, along with my fellow countrymen and women, watched with absolute horror at the images of the fallen that day. In days to come I watched the heroic efforts of firefighters, search and rescue volunteers and police officers and their canine companions come together to piece together the broken. I knew something significant happened in my heart that would change the course of my life. Although I wasn’t sure what to do with this newfound resolve to make our country better, I knew I had to play my part.

A decade went by and I raised my family and climbed the ladder at my chosen profession but there was always something missing. A missed calling that was unfulfilled and as the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 loomed, I knew now was the time to step up and help my community in a profound way. I married my absolute love of dogs with my husband’s profession as an officer and founded Havoc K9 in July 2011. Our mission is to provide well bred, highly socialized, mentally and physically sound dogs to law enforcement departments and other first responders at no cost to reduce the financial burden to them, to increase the ability of more departments to put canines into active service and to increase the effectiveness of departments through the use of highly trained canines.

We are unique in that our program has a well-organized puppy-raising program where puppies are placed in volunteer homes similar to organizations with dogs for the disabled. They are taught basic obedience, foundational scent detection and apprehension techniques. In 2012, I helped change the law in our state so that puppies in our program have the same public access rights as dogs for the disabled. We felt this was an important aspect to our program to ensure the puppies are positively exposed and socialized to many aspects of life. Doing so makes them well rounded as working dogs and removes fear and uncertainty in new situations.

Puppies are kept in their raiser homes for approximately one year until the time they are donated at no charge to their deserving departments. Many recipients of our dogs have budgetary constraints and cannot afford the $5,000-$15,000 price tag for a K9. Without our help, the K9 program may not exist and the public loses out on a valuable asset to the safety of their community.

It is now 2017 and our organization has successfully donated 17 fully trained and now certified working K9's to local & federal law enforcement agencies, fire departments, & search and rescue teams. We are very proud of these accomplishments as our K9's have been extremely successful and have made a difference in the communities they serve. 

Every member of our organization, including the founders, are volunteer. We would love for you to join the Havoc family and be apart of our story. Please reach out to us, get involved, share our message and donate. We can not survive with out your support. 



A message from:

Ricki Draper

Havoc K9 Executive Director