Become A Puppy Raiser


The program..

Our puppy raising program is the first of its kind in Utah and is an integral part of Havoc's success.

The puppy raising program was established in 2013. Volunteer puppy raisers are selected to raise, train and socialize puppies until approximately 12-18 months in age.

The Havoc Training Staff will help teach you all of these skills along with educating you about everything you are responsible for including:

  • socializing (environmental work)
  • teaching the puppy basic obedience
  • good house manners
  • developing prey drive
  • teaching appropriate bite techniques
  • beginning tracking and scent detection skills
  • feeding and housing the puppy
  • kennel training
  • vet visits and keeping shots current

As a Havoc puppy raiser you will ensure your puppy is comfortable with every aspect of their surroundings before they are advanced to formal training with a department (POST Certification). This not only allows the dog to feel comfortable and calm in their environment, it allows them to focus on their jobs without the distraction of new experiences. 

Puppy raisers are required* to have a fenced-in yard, submit to a home inspection and be available to train twice a week in Davis and Weber Counties in Utah. Raisers may also be subject to a background check.

*Experience with high drive dogs (or a whole heck of a lot of patience!) is a plus.  

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