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Who do you donate your K9's to? 

We donate our trained K9's to local and federal law enforcement agencies and other first responders at no cost to the agency. It is very expensive for departments to pay for a K9 and start their program. We aim to help be a part of starting department K9 programs, especially smaller agencies.


Where does my donation go? 

Every member of Havoc K9 is volunteer. That includes the founders, board and staff members. Your monetary donation goes directly into our K9 training and raising program, food for the dogs, vet bills, training equipment and operational costs. It costs Havoc K9 at minimum $5,000 per dog to raise and we rely on community donations to keep providing this much needed asset to agencies across the country. 

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Can I host a fundraiser for Havoc K9?

Absolutely! We love partnering with our supporters in the community, educating people about what we do and helping bring happiness to people with puppies to love on. Please be sure to get into contact with us and we will put you in touch with our Marketing Director. 


Do you donate K9's across the country?

YES :) we have many agencies outside of our beautiful home state in need and we are absolutely here to help any department in and outside of Utah.


I want to donate my time, is there a way to do that? 

Absolutely! If you want to come and help us clean up our facility or help fundraise we would love have you around - please contact us to learn more. 

Also you can become a volunteer puppy raiser. You would foster one of our K9's and come out to training with us 2 times per week for about a year or so until the pups are ready to go to their departments. Learn more by clicking the button below. 


Are my donations tax deductible?

YES! If you need to know more regarding this please reach out to us. Any monetary donation to us through the website will generate a receipt via email. If you need another emailed our sent to you please reach out to us we would be happy to send what you need.


How many K9's has HAvoc donated that are working currently?

Havoc K9 has donated 16 K9's that are all actively working and certified. Click the button to see all of our donated K9's. 


Does your organization have any police or military background?

All of our trainers and staff members are either current or former police and military members.


Is it true Havoc K9 is female owned and operated?

It is true! Our lovely Ricki created Havoc back in 2011 building the organization to what it is today and has added members to the family along the way. 

Do you want to be a part of what we do? The next time we are accepting applications for volunteer, board or staff you will find it by clicking the button below.




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