In need of a K9?

Is your department or group in need of a K9? Please fill out the following form to apply. We will be in touch with you to further go over your needs and let you know what we currently have available. 


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We have several agencies that reach out to us who are in need. Help us understand the urgency of your need, the size of your department and if your command staff has approved or is in the process of approving a K9 program.
Havoc K9 requires all departments to have a safe transport K9 vehicle that include a cage large enough for the K9 to stretch out in, air conditioning + a heat alert system and accident guards - Does your department have the necessary equipment? If so please describe If not at this time what are you currently doing to obtain this
We meet with each agency to understand what kind of K9 is needed, what the timeframe looks like and when you can come test the K9. What date and time are you able to meet with us? Who all will be in the meeting? *must include decision maker (If you are outside of the state of Utah we can arrange a Skype meeting - all departments wanting to test our K9s must come in person to do so)
We have partnered with several agencies and have 16 dogs successfully donated and working in the field. Partnering with Havoc K9 includes your department receiving a trained K9 you are in need of and in return your department is required to do a press release in regards to the donation to continue educating communities about the importance of a K9, raising money for our organization to allow us to continue giving this asset to other departments and to help other agencies in need find us. Is this something you and your department can commit to?